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Andy Lowings

Tel: +44 (0) 1733 253068

Ayad Abbas  -  Bitumen supplier and supporter
Liliana Osses Adams  -  Researcher and future player in California
Dr Lamia Al Gailani  -  Technical advice, help in Baghdad, Consultant
Mr Issa Al Azzawi
Tony Beentjes  -  World class gold work and long hours of work.
Barnaby Brown - Inspired Player on the pipes

BISI - British Institute for the Study of Iraq
Award for the music composition by
Marcus Tristan Heathcock

Rowena Calvert  -  Cellist of passion and of light touch
Kathryn Clarke  -  Timely donation and technical help
Geraldine Craig - Costume designer / maker for Bill & Jennifer
Leo Crickmore - Support
Carmel Curren  -  Laser Engineering Success at Liverpool
Rt Hon Quentin Davies MP  -  Thoughtful support
Prof Ricardo Eichmann  -  For backing the project in Germany
Jim Gardiner  -  Efforts beyond the call of duty
Leila Gorguis - Poet
Vanessa Harley - General Support
Mark Harmer  -  Media advice from the start
The Hassall Family, Dubai  -  Live Gulf pearl shell supply for decoration
Chris Heaton-Harris - MEP
Daniel Huff - Bull's Head gold work
Tara Jaff  -  Kurdish Player and supporter from the start
Dr Ismail Jalili  -  For help. National Association of British Arabs
Maureen Jalili  -  Formative supporter
Keith Jobling - Website Consultant & maintenance
Tich Jones  -  Efforts beyond the call of duty
John Kenny - Famous Roman Carnyx player. Brought to life once again
Anne Kilmer - Music for 4,000 years ago
Jonathan Letcher  -  Instrument Maker
Dr Robert Liddington - Support
Ben Lowings  -  New Zealand venue manager
Maeve Lowings  -  Constant tolerant advice
Michael Mauldin  -  Musical inspiration in USA. sponsor.
Una and David Murray - Canadian musicians
Ayub Ogada  -  Standing by with African songs for the lyre
Dave Parkes  -  Efforts beyond the call of duty

Bassim Petros: Famous Baghdadi and constant supporter,
from the early days of Iraqi music.

Cindy Pezzi  -  Goldsmith, Jewellery Designer and Maker
Jewellery work of the highest standard,
thanks to London Metropolitan University

Jo Pond  -  Loughborough University School Art & Design
Dr David Poston  -  Personal direction and technical advice
Roger Rose  -  Great Bull's Head sculpture-base for gold work
Pierre Saad and family  -  Lebanese support in France
Mary Schmidt  -  Persistant researcher and material sourcer
Ina Smith - Translations into Dutch & Afrikaans
Jennifer Sturdy  -  Top Administrator for the project
Bill Taylor  - Inspired Player and advisor
Jane Thirlby  -  Enthusiastic local supporter
Eleanor Turner  -  Ideas for music, CD and Trio.
Simon and Wendy Villette  -  Donation of a machine and discs
Tony Walsh  -  For judgement and support
Paul Young - RAF supporter

Anglo Gold Ashanti - Support and donation
Billie, at Bow Brand Strings  -  Fine technician with strings
Bowbrand Strings  -  World class string-makers and supporters
Friends at the British Museum - Support
Florindo De Cristofaro, Account Executive,
   La Compagnia del Cammeo s.r.l (Cameo Jewellery Company Ltd)
               Cameos made by Mr Alfredo De Paolo, on behalf of
                          La Compagnia del Cammeo s.r.l.
                          Via Curtoli, 40
                          P.O. Box 219
                          80059 Torre del Greco-NA
                          Phone: +39 081 3580298 - Fax: +39 081 8818975

Liverpool University Laser Engineering
                                               -  Corporate members solving shell laser cutting
Loughborough University  -  Corporate team member
Music:Link  -  Support from the Start - Technical backup
Muslim Aid London  -  Support
Muslim Aid Office, Baghdad  -  Amazing cedar wood donation
Rutland Radio  -  Steadfast support
Stamford International Harp Festival  -  Inspiration for the whole project
Paul Jeffery - Stone Polishing & Lapidary Supplies
                          16, Laity Road
                          Cornwall TR14 9EL
                          Tel: +44 (0)1209 614 511

Tatex  -  For clothes for introduction
The Stamford Mercury  -  Following the idea from the start
West Dean College  -  For immediate support all round
World of Shell  -  Shell donation Cornwall
World Satellite broadcasting  -  Film support for the world